Here at Verve, it's not all work and no play! We believe in team-building fun which sometimes includes trips to our favorite partner wineries, restaurants, and inns, as well as taking lunch and cooking breaks. The ladies of Verve recently stepped out of the office and into the garden to harvest our winter garden, located at Verve HQ. There are fruit-bearing trees galore — Meyer lemon, persian lime, persimmon, blood orange — you name it, we've got it!




Verve's Founder and Curator-in-Chief, T, maintains this beautiful garden year-round and this season's abundance meant getting creative with the crop! Dried chiles and persimmons were some team favorites this year...





After Napa's recent cold snap, we're patiently awaiting the collard greens to grow…but until then, we'll be enjoying (and SHARING) all the homegrown goodness in full bloom. 




Stay tuned for more Verve adventures in the New Year!

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